We provide financial planning and wealth management services to individuals and families in the Austin and Houston areas. Our customized, concierge-style financial planning services are designed to help provide you and your family achieve the financial security and peace-of-mind you deserve. Our comprehensive planning process incorporates your insurance, legal, accounting, tax, and investment needs. We will work with you to organize, optimize, implement, and maintain your financial resources according to your goals and specifications. If you already have a plan, we can review it for you. If you do not have a plan we can help you create one.


Retirement Planning Services

An efficient retirement plan can allow you to maximize lifetime satisfaction from limited financial resources. We believe education is the first step to building a solid financial plan. Our experienced retirement planners take time to educate you and learn about your specific needs and goals. They can guide you through the planning process in a simple and understandable way. We take a no-pressure, low-stress approach as they work with you to uncover opportunities, options and strategies that you may find very attractive. Our goal is to improve your financial situation by only recommending changes where and when necessary. Are you confident that your current plan has adequately addressed retirement risks such as longevity, inflation, market volatility, taxation, healthcare costs, and macroeconomic risks? We are ready to help you prepare for life’s greatest journey in confidence.

Estate Planning

Texas Estate Planning

There is a common misconception that an estate is only the property that one leaves at death. In reality, it is much more than that. Estate planning encompasses the accumulation, conservation, management, and distribution of an estate. The overall purpose of the estate planning process is to develop a plan that will enhance and maintain the financial security of clients and their families upon the client's incapacitation or death. Estate planning has come to include lifetime financial planning that may lead to increases in a client's estate as well as the conservation of existing assets. Estate planning should provide financial security during retirement years and facilitate the intended and orderly disposition of property at death. We provide estate planning services, not legal advice, and so we work closely with attorneys that do.



Investment Management Services

A central component of financial planning involves advising on or actually managing a client's financial assets. Therefore, a financial planner needs to be knowledgeable with regard to asset or investment choices, the expected rates of return and risk exposures associated with each asset choice, and the suitability of each asset category for a client. Each investment opportunity has advantages and disadvantages. Each investor has a unique set of needs, goals, attitudes, and resources that influence the relative attractiveness and suitability of particular investments for that investor. As an independent firm working for you, we are not obligated to sell or recommend proprietary products or specific investments. In fact, the Investment Advisor Representatives at Fort Wealth Management are held to a fiduciary standard. They recommend financial products, investments, and management solutions that are in your best interest.


Life, Health and Long-Term Care Insurance

The life and health category of insurance includes various types of insurance that deal with personal risks related to death, medical care costs, disability, and old age. Examples in this category are life insurance, medical expense insurance, disability income insurance, and long-term care insurance. We will help you sort through the various types of insurance policies and options on the market, and which if any are best for you. We strive to simplify the confusing vernacular and types of insurance products available that would benefit you the most. At Fort Wealth Management, our goal is to make sure you have the appropriate types and amounts of insurance coverage from highly rated insurance companies. We believe that developing a sound insurance strategy, in an efficient manner, can protect you and your family from many of life's risks.



Tax Planning Strategies

What is better than getting the most money back from the Federal Government in your life time? Never giving it to them in the first place. Tax “avoidance” is generally thought of as the utilization of legitimate strategies and techniques in order to minimize the amount of money a taxpayer will owe to the government. Avoidance techniques do not violate tax laws, but rather use them to the taxpayer’s advantage. Timing strategies, permissible income-shifting techniques, and maximizing allowable deductions and credits are general examples of such techniques. At Fort Wealth Management we work hard to incorporate tax avoidance strategies into all of the plans we create and manage for the individuals and families we serve.


Income Planning

Comprehensive financial planning attempts to consider all aspects of a your financial position, which includes your goals and objectives. Often several integrated and coordinated planning strategies are used to fulfill those goals and objectives. The two key characteristics of comprehensive financial planning are:

1. It encompasses all personal and financial situations to the extent that these can be uncovered, clarified, and addressed through information gathering, analysis and counseling.

2. It integrates into its methodology all the techniques and expertise utilized in more narrowly focused approaches to solving your financial problems.



Lifestyle Wealth Management

Do you want to maintain the standard of living and lifestyle you have come to enjoy? If your answer is yes, then you may be like many other people we serve. Building a retirement income strategy is a process that often requires a combination of available retirement income tools. An effective retirement income strategy can protect against many retirement risks including longevity, market volatility, macroeconomic risks, inflation and spending shocks that can derail a budget. Each of these risks should be managed by combining different income tools with different relative strengths and weaknesses. There is no single solution that can cover every risk, though some financial products have been marketed as such.